(remember BREATHING)

  • Baby Kiss--baby should always be positioned as close to your chin as is feasible/comfortable. You should always be able to tip your head forward and kiss the top of the baby's head.
  • Remember always AIR in any position (cradle, nursing, skin-to-skin)
  • Eye to eye with the child--you should always be able to see baby's face. NO to baby on your back! 
  • Avoid a "curled" or "folded" posture. Continuously ensure proper breathing.
  • Tummy and chest should be against the wearer's body, allowing for proper air. Baby should be held comfortably close to the wearer- with their back supported in a NATURAL OUTSTRETCHED position.
  • High enough fabric on to babies' back/ shoulders to provide proper support!
  • Important keep baby in light clothing when Mamas Bonding Comforter is in use. 
  • Nursing--cradle positions-bring baby back to upright as soon as they are finished nursing. Keep baby's chin off the chest. 
  • Gently pull and ensure there is enough fabric firmly stretched underneath baby's bottom all the way to the area slightly beyond the knees- so the fabric gathers a bit- and that the seat of the fabric is firmly pulled up in between your tummy- and babies' diaper.

Positioning highly depends on the child's age. 
Newborn positioning options: nursing, cradle, skin to skin and or womb pouch moments. Note: child's face is in view at all times to monitor for patent airway. It is not recommended to keep a newborn in the above mentioned positions for long periods of time. 
Positions for toddler: side hip carry, front carry-legs out, etc…, Mama's Bonding Comforter is designed to give the parents a choice of different options in positioning depending on the child's need during the day. Be creative & safe!
  • 1st Make sure Mama’s Bonding is folded in half. 
  • 2nd Wear Mama’s Bonding Comforter as high up as possible, going over one of the shoulders. When Mama’s Bonding is worn high up the better support it will provide for the child.  
  • 3rd Adjust as necessary for comfort to both of you.
  • 4th Please remember Mama’s Bonding Comforter is a parent assistant, not a carrier.
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