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Lionet Breast Pump

Lionet Breast Pump

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Freedom! Pump anywhere, anytime with the Lionet Breast Pump. Conveniently slips into your bra. It's quiet, lightweight and catches every drop of your precious liquid with the leak-resistant reusable collection cups. Hospital strength suction with 9 adjustable suction levels and 4 pumping modes, making it easy to customize every pumping session. This pump tracks your pumping times and auto stops after 20 minutes leaving you one less thing to worry about.


  • 1 - Lansinoh Wearable Pump Hub
  • 1 - 24mm Flange Insert
  • 1 - 21mm Flange Insert
  • 1 - Wearable Pumping Cups (6oz)
  • 1 - Silicone Diaphragm
  • 1 - Valves
  • 1 - Charging Cord


  • Power Option: AC Adapter, Internal Rechargeable Battery (Up to 100 minutes of pumping time when fully charged)
  • Suction Strength: 260 mmHg
  • Closed System - prevents milk from entering the tubing
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Hospital-strength suction with 9 adjustable suction levels
  • Automatic stops after 20 minutes and pumping time tracking
  • 1 leak-resistant reusable collection cups
  • 4 adjustable pumping modes
  • LED pumping display


  • Quiet, discreet pumping at your convenience
  • Easily slips into your regular bra, lightweight and portable
  • No cords, no tubes, no stress, comfortable hands-free pumping anytime
  • Stress-free cleaning and assembly with no tiny parts
    • Top rack dishwasher safe ( Wash and dry settings less than 194°F)
  • FDA approved
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